Horrified tourists watch as crocodiles eat man

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A group of crocodiles ate a man. Source: Getty Images

A GROUP of British tourists were enjoying a sunset cruise along the beautiful Zambezi River when they saw something they will never forget — for all the wrong reasons.

Their dream trip along the river, which lies between Zimbabwe and Zambia, quickly turned into horror when they witnessed a grisly act. Having spotted several crocodiles devouring something from a distance, they got closer only to discover it was actually the bottom half of a person.

“All there was to see of him was his trousers,” a local source who did not wish to be named told the UK’s Telegraph.

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Crocodiles along the Zambezi River. Source: Getty Images

“We have had no information about anyone missing from villages around us, so we don’t think the man was a local.”

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe conservationist Trevor Lane from the Bhejane Trust confirmed to the African Times Live that they saw “the bottom half of a human”.

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Tourists regularly cruise the Zambezi River, but it is also used by poachers. 

“We strongly suspect it was a poacher … Maybe he was wounded and tried to swim across the river.”

Just two days earlier rangers had tried to capture a group of 13 poachers believed to be in the area.

The group alerted authorities but there were no remains by the time they arrived at the scene.

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The Zambezi River is one of the largest rivers in Africa


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