You’ll never guess what type of snake this is-Have a go to ID it from the pic before you read the article

We all know the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover?’

Turns out it applies in identifying snakes.

Snake catcher Max Jackson is warning people not to make assumptions on a snake’s species based on the colour of its skin.

It comes after a picture of a blue and yellow snake (pictured above), discovered at a dam on a property between Maryborough and Hervey Bay Qld Australia, was sent to the Sunshine Coast wrangler for identification.

The landowner thought it might have been a tree snake but Mr Jackson said it was in fact a  red-bellied black snake.

He told the newspaper that colours could be deceptive and it was more important to pay attention to the shape of the snake’s body and scales.

He said the colour of the red-bellied black snake could range from bright red to a creamy colour or pink underbelly.

The colour could also change when the snake was shedding its skin.

Mr Jackson said he had also seen a dangerous brown snake that was jet black and could easily have been mistaken for another species.

With many snakes still around because of the warm weather, Mr Jackson said it was best to assume a snake was of the poisonous variety and to just avoid them.

Henry Sapiecha

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