Brown snake and family dog caught on security cam in fight at Truro home North of Adelaide South Australia

A FIGHT between a brown snake and a Japanese hunting dog has played out in front of a security camera at a home north of Adelaide.

Nine-year-old Chardy, a shiba inu, grabbed the metre-long brown snake as it entered Teresa and Aaron Barnden’s front yard at Truro, last week.

For more than two minutes, dog and snake joust and strike, with both appearing to land blows.

Chardy keeps pulling the snake back to the lawn, immediately in front of a security camera in a nearby window of the house.

A brown snake rears and lunges at Chardy the shiba inu in a Barossa Valley South Australia yard. Picture: Storyful

Mrs Barnden said she had been working at the other end of the garden and shrieked when she returned to find her pet in danger.

Chardy finished off the snake and was bundled into the car for a swift trip to a vet in Angaston.

“When I had her in the car, I saw two little red dots near her nose,” Mrs Barnden said.

Chardy was given antivenene for a suspected snake bite and spent four hours on intravenous fluids before being sent home.

The next day, Mrs Barnden remembered the security camera and checked the recorded film footage.

“I just felt sick when I saw it,” she said.

“It’s sad for the snake but Chardy was just doing her job.”

Originally published as Dog v snake in backyard brawl caught on CCTV

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