AUSTRALIAN Python devours live pet Christmas feast at expense of pet owner

FOR many residents, a family feast is a Christmas tradition that leaves everyone feeling the effects for days after.

However, residents weren’t the only ones nursing their full bellies this Christmas, as the Darling Downs Snake Catchers removed a 3-metre-long python who had enjoyed its very own festive feast from a Mount Lofty Toowoomba Qld home.

Snake catcher Gunter Glaser said the owner had been out to check on her pet chickens when she made the discovery.

“It was late afternoon when they discovered the snake in their hen house,” Mr Glaser said.

“The girl that owned the chook was upset, they were pets. The run wasn’t big – she must have only had a couple of chickens.

“The snake was so full that it had to be carried away. Unfortunately, the chicken didn’t stand a chance.”

Mr Glaser said the snake could have remained in the pen for weeks after its large meal.

“A big lump like that, it would have to rest for two weeks and wouldn’t be interested in eating again for a while,” he said.

He said the snake catching team had received two Christmas Day call outs, with the festive period a time of inactivity for snakes due to the hot weather and non-breeding period. He cautioned residents to keep an eye out for reptiles trying to escape the heat.

Henry Sapiecha

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