Kangaroo deliberately drowns family dog in Queensland farm dam

KANGAROOS are known for their fighting skills but one Queensland family knows all too well the calculation behind some of their moves.

The Bulmer family from Kywong Station, south of Julia Creek in mid-northern Queensland, lost their beloved dog Banjo last week after it was believed to have been drowned by a kangaroo.

Banjo, a Rhodesian ridgeback-cross, and their other dog, a foxy called Pepe, chased the kangaroo. It led them to a dam where it is believed to have waited in waist-deep water for Banjo to swim to before grabbing the dog and holding him under water until Banjo drowned.

Owner Jenny Bulmer said the dogs had a habit of chasing kangaroos when they were off the chain together and the fatal incident wasn’t the first time a kangaroo had tried to lure

“We usually let one off at a time, but if they are both off they can disappear,” she said.

om it, but the other day they went out again and only Pepe came back.”

It seems the scenario isn’t uncommon in outback Queensland.

Charters Towers cattleman Bob Forster said he used two greyhounds as kangaroo dogs on Gracedale Station at Maxwelton.

“The dogs would run them down and unbalance them by grabbing their tails,’’ he said.

“The roos would always head for a dam, because that’s where they could make a stand and drown the dogs if they had a chance.”

Mr Forster said there was a knockabout station hand by the name of Pud Jones at Maxwelton who hunted kangaroos with dogs.

“I was with him one day and his dog chased a wallaroo which went into a dam,” Mr Forster said.

“Pud’s dog went in after it and the wallaroo grabbed it and held it under the water. Pud told me that was the second dog he’d lost like that.”







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