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The rare jungle plants that ‘bleed’ nickel

Rare and valuable plants that naturally “mine” large quantities of nickel are deemed  to be hiding in Indonesia’s forests – but it is a struggle to discover them before they are removed from our planet

Some Sixteen years ago, Aiyen Tjoa was in the process of exploring a small mining town of Sorowako , which is in the heart of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Sorowako once had been a home to immense diversity of many plants, and most of them were found nowhere else on this planet But then the small town became the hub of one of the largest nickel mining areas in the world, with one actual company alone extracting 5% of the global nickel supply.

When Tjoa, a soil biologist and lecturer in Tadulako University in Central Sulawesi, arrived in Sorowako in 2004, most of the lush vegetation had already been wiped out because of mining, leaving barren soil and dusty roads behind it

But some bushes and young trees somehow survived. Back then, Tjoa was eager to find those rare plants that were adapting well to their new, nickel-rich surroundings. These, she reasoned, could be “super plants” capable of taking up high levels of nickel from the soil and storing it in surprisingly high quantities. As well as cleaning the soil, these nickel-rich plants could be “mined” to provide an alternative source of the metal, allowing nickel to be harvested without destroying the ecosystem.

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Indigenous ‘Guardian of the Forest’ Murdered by Criminal Loggers in Brazilian Amazon

The man, known as Lobo, was just one of at least 135 indigenous people murdered in the Amazon over the last year.

Paulo Paulino Guajajara was hunting on Friday inside the Arariboia reservation in Maranhao state when he was attacked and killed by illegal loggers. He was an indigenous Indian “forest guardian,” seen here painting his face on Arariboia indigenous land in Brazil.
(Image: © Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino/Newscom)

Paulo Paulino Guajajara, a 26-year-old member of the Guajajara indigenous group living in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, was murdered on Friday (Nov. 1) by a group of loggers working illegally in the area.

Mr. Guajajara, also known as Lobo (Spanish for “wolf”), was on a hunting expedition with a friend when five loggers ambushed the pair, Reuters reported. During the encounter, the loggers shot Lobo in the face, killing him, and they seriously wounded his friend, a tribal leader named Laercio Guajajara, sending him to the hospital. One of the loggers was also reported dead, according to Reuters.

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Exploring Mexico’s Jungles & Waterfalls on Video

Published on Feb 24, 2016

The Mayans did the impossible: They managed to take a beautiful place, a jungle flecked with cenotes and waterfalls, and make it even more beautiful by building some of the world’s most spectacular ancient cities and temples. When filmmaker Joshua Cowan went to Mexico recently, he was in search of two things: waterfalls and temples within the jungle.

He visited the famous Chichen Itza, the ruins at Palenque, the cataracts of Agua Azul; he went to the tall, storybook Misol-Ha falls, to the stunning chasms of Sumidero Canyon. He says, after his trip, “I didn’t expect to find so many of these places all in one country and so close together.” And now, here they all are in a single video.


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World Largest Spiders & other Huge Arachnids, creepy creatures (Documentary) you tube video

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