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Six of the Earth’s Most Dangerous Lizards.

There are many types of lizards in the world and thse are just 6 of them.Time will allow us to highlight more of the species as we go forward.Enjoy the journey & share with others.

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What Is Giant Hogweed? This Invasive Flower Gives You Third-Degree Burns USA.

The giant hogweed is hard to miss. The monstrous plant towers up to 15 feet tall, with a crown of white flowers the size of an umbrella. They burst into bloom between the last week of June and the first week of July—just in time to be the perfect dramatic backdrop to red-white-and-blue-themed parties.

But whatever you do, don’t touch it. The giant hogweed’s toxic sap could give you third-degree burns if you don’t get out of the sun and wash it off immediately. Like an anti-sunblock, chemicals in its juices disrupt your skin’s ability to filter out harmful UV rays. Get it in your eyes and you could go blind.

In places where hogweed has been around for decades, residents know its risks well. But while the majestic flower of the hogweed adds a courtly presence to any landscape, it is an invasive species—producing up to 120,000 winged seeds at a time. In the mid-1900s it expanded across New York state, carried on the riverways it likes to grow near. It hopped into nearby Pennsylvania, Ontario, and then on into Michigan. About 15 years ago it invaded Ohio. Today it’s found sporadically in more than a dozen states—and it’s still spreading, putting more people in harm’s way.

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python under pillow image

The Trinity Beach resident was bitten by a spotted python.

A north Queensland man has been bitten by a metre-long snake curled up under a pillow on his bed.

The Trinity Beach resident was going to sleep on Friday night when he slid his hand under the covers, only to get the fright of his life.

Cairns snake catcher Matt Hagan was called to remove the 1.2-metre reptile and comfort the man and his wife, who had been rattled by his screams.

“His wife was in the lounge room at the time and said he was making some noises that weren’t very compatible with sleep,” Mr Hagan said.

“When I got there, his wife was steadfastly refusing to go back inside the house … she suggested we either burn it down or they were moving to New Zealand.”

The spotted python left the man, who the snake catcher referred to as Jack, with a small nip on the finger before quickly retreating to a bedside table.

The couple’s daughter, Tayla-Jae Todd, commented on the snake catcher’s Facebook page.

“I live in England and mum called me at 8am,” she said.

“I thought someone had died but in the end I died laughing!”

Mr Hagan said it was one of the fattest snakes he’d had to relocate.

A warm bed would seemingly be the ideal spot to curl up for a winter hibernation, but Mr Hagan said snakes are still active because of unseasonably warm weather.

“We’re still getting calls that pets are being eaten, which we usually see die off around this time,” he said.

Mr Hagan also relocated a coastal carpet python from a boat at Kuranda over the weekend.



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