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What’s The Biggest Animal That a Snake Can Swallow?

Snakes can gape their jaws wide to gulp down even very large animals.

Snakes gulp down animals whole. This golden tree snake (Chrysopelea ornata) is eating a butterfly lizard (Leiolepis belliana), but other snakes can gulp down prey that is much, much bigger.
(Image: © Shutterstock)

The top suggested searches on YouTube for “snake eats” offer some insight into our fascination with the scary and disgusting. Some of the suggestions are gross (“snake eats frog live”) or hard to imagine (“snake eats porcupine”). Others seem symbolic (“snake eats itself”). But the largest group of suggestions emphasize one theme: size. Anyone with a macabre sensibility and a few minutes to spare can watch a snake scarf down an alligator, a deer, a pig, a crocodile or a cow.

But what’s the largest animal that a snake can devour?

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